AddOns Free para ((OTRS)) Community

AddOns Free para ((OTRS)) Community

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FaqSwf - FaqSwf This feature allows you to include animations in SWF format into any OTRS FAQ article, letting it more dynamic and fun. To use this feature it is necessary to upload the SWF file to an external server to include it in your page's body later. Download the Addon, by filling out the form bellow: […]
SLA Stop 5.0.1 - SLA Stop 5.0.1 This AddOn stops the escalation time count of a ticket even when put on states like "on hold". Very useful to any IT team. CAPE IT, developer of KIX4OTRS, developed the biggest part of this code. We adapted the SLA code part and made it available to the community. Download the Addon, […]
SMS Event - SMS Event Send SMS based on ticket events.. Designed for critical environments where it is essential to receive emergency notifications. SMSEvent connects OTRS with several SMS sending gateways and let you customize notifications for each situation. Available for OTRS 3.2 and 3.3! Send a SMS when critical tickets are created, according with impact, type or […]

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