The training offered by Complemento, was developed focusing on the needs of the competitive brazilian market, and ITIL best practices.

Follow, interact and access indicators directly in your panel ((OTRS)) Community Edition.

Do you know that situation you need some attendants watch a ticket progress? Know Ticket Followers!

50+ successful Help Desk implementations!

The best technology without license expenses.

The ((OTRS)) Community Edition is the best choice for those seeking the best technology and low investment. We offer solutions and softwares that brings the best features in the market at no license cost.

Experience leads to success

Our projects and training classes provide the necessary knowledge to your organization so you can enjoy the best of the open source software, optimizing time and investment. With over six years of experience in deploying free software focusing on IT management services and call centers, we have reached the mark of countless success stories.

Support Plans

With our support plans your company have security, tranquility and advanced resources. Our customers have customized reports, updates and unique modules at their disposal.

Integrated and customized solutions

With great knowledge in integration between open source softwares, we provide integrated solutions and development of new features for open source softwares as your organization requires.