You know that situation where some attendants need to see the progress of a ticket? The Ticket Followers was developed: a module that makes possible to add followers and notes directed in a quick and intuitive way!

The Ticket Followers was designed to expedite and facilitate the use of OTRS by the attendant. Using this module you can add followers and notes on the ticket in the same preview interface in a quick and intuitive way.

The module uses the "Monitor" feature, native to the tool, and makes it possible for an attendant to add other attendants assigned as "monitors" to a ticket.



  • Enables to add or remove followers (ticket watchers) from the ticket;
  • Allows you to add a note to the ticket informing the selected attendants;
  • Displays a Gravatar (profile image) of the attendant.

Once installed, a new widget with the Followers label will be added to the right side of the ticket preview interface. By default it will be displayed on top and collapsed, but these options can be configured in the System configuration interface.

Adding a New Ticket Follower
To add a new follower to the ticket is quite simple and fast. Just start typing the attendant's name and after a few letters, the system will provide a list of the attendants found. As in the following example:


When an attendant is chosen, it will be added as a follower to the ticket and will also be added to the list.


After added, the follower can receive a direct note. To do this, just select the attendant by checking the box on the left side or if you want to send to everyone click the Select All button and all the checkboxes will be automatically marked, type the content of the note and then click Send.

Use of "@" for follower tagging
Another way to mark an attendant or follower to the call is to use the "@" character. We decided to bring this method already used in social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to mark people or pages, to bring users closer to this functionality and make the whole process of ticket resolution even easier.

This and other Enterprise AddOns are available to support clients and Subscription Plans.

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