Ronaldo Richieri

É diretor e consultor na empresa Complemento, desenvolvedor de soluções em software livre há 10 anos. É Formado como Analista de Sistemas pela Universidade de Sorocaba e Pós Graduado em Dinâmica de Sistemas pela Universidade da Cataluña.


ATENÇÃO: Só realize este procedimento se você souber exatamente Faça um backup dos seus artigos antes de mais nada!!! Não nos responsabilizamos por danos que possam ser causados em seu servidor, então, recomendamos que, caso não conheça profundamente o sistema operacional Linux e o ((OTRS)) Community Edition, solicite auxilio ... Read More


The version 4.0.1 of Complemento's OTRS and Mediawiki Integration comes with the following updates: Wiki Page Iframe Loader The loading of the Wiki content of AgentTicketZoom is not more happening during the OTRS content load. In order to reduce the loading time of AgentTicketZoom screen, the Wiki content is loaded as ... Read More


One of the things Complemento likes to do and do it very well! OTRS Themes for you Company! Ask we for a quote.


Step by step: Access SysConfig -> Ticket -> Core::Ticket Add a new value on Ticket::ViewableLocks parameter. This value must be 'lock' Make a copy of /opt/otrs/Kernel/Modules/ to /opt/otrs/Custom/Kernel/Modules/ (you will need probably to create the folders Kernel and Modules inside Custom folder) Open the file /opt/otrs/Custom/Kernel/Modules/ on your prefered editor and change the code bellow:   ... Read More


We just release freely a package that allows you block unknow people to create tickets on your system throught the email. The system also bounces a customizable message to the sender. It is also possible to move the unwanted message to a specify queue (something like Junk) instead of discarting it. Please check ... Read More


We have just finished a new package that make it easier to search for Configuration Items. After its installation, you just need to type a part of the CI's name and hit Return! This package works very well with NewTicketOnCi from thats allows we to create ... Read More