Auto Ticket

Routine activities are common in all companies, and for set up efficient automations to them performance is a strategy to improve a greater productivity and process organization.

For employees to follow the workflow and not forget important tasks, we developed the Auto Ticket, an Add-On that automatic creates tickets and notifies the teams, so this way, it is possible that the activities to be fulfilled inside the deadlines.

Uso prático do Auto Ticket no OTRS

With this module, it is possible to create tickets on specific dates, it is possible to postpone or antecipate the task, if the chosen term falls on non-useful days, such as the payment of consumer accounts, which usually have pre-established dates; Or even performing backups of servers.

In Auto Ticket, it is also possible to define who will be responsible for the function, which line or department it will belong to, or which specific service will be linked to the ticket.

This and other Enterprise AddOns are available to support clients and Subscription Plans.

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