Dynamic Survey

When it is said regarding the quality of services delivered to it users from a company, it soon comes to our mind the satisfaction survey. Satisfied users are the best way to prove that the services delivered are being well-managed. But how is it possible to evaluate whether the services are being delivered efficiently and effectively? Through reports, precise reviews, consistent and constant analyses.

The new Dynamic Survey module along with the OTRS search is able to store the collected data from the search in dynamic fields. Aggregated to new dashboards, it is possible to visualize the satisfaction of IT services users in real time.

Follow satisfactory performance in a few clicks, in an agile manner and facilitating the decision-making of the quality area.

Customer-Satisfaction KPIs
Use management dashboards for real-time tracking of user/customer satisfaction, witnessing evaluations made on each ticket and facilitating the filter between positive and negative surveys.

Dynamic Survey

View of Customer Satisfaction in the Ticket List

The module make easier the search for the ticket that was negative, including the displaying of the user/customer feedback, facilitating a quick approach to improving the quality of attendance.

Dynamic Survey

Ticket Search by Customer Satisfaction

You can perform a search in the OTRS interface that returns which tickets have positive and negative evaluations.

Dynamic Survey

The module also allows you to re-open the ticket, scale or notify management, according to the customer's response or assessment, thereby anticipating potential customer relationship problems in the medium and long term.

This and other Enterprise AddOns are available to support clients and Subscription Plans.

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